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Calling Card Partner / Reseller Program

What is this program?

Whether you are an experienced telecom salesperson or you are looking for the right home-based business to augment your current income, our reseller program is the perfect opportunity for you because you can start building your business from the very beginning.

We offer a wide array of telecommunications and other products and services that people use every single day and we offer them at some of the lowest prices available. If you've tried other home-based business opportunities in the past, you'll find that our program is a refreshing alternative.

Why Choose Us?

Available to anyone with a computer, our program uses our cutting edge technology and market presence to give you products and services that you can be proud to sell.

Our compensation plan is the most generous in the industry, and easy to understand. The more money you generate in sales, the more you make. You'll start out by earning 10% commission on your own personal sales.  We'll also pay you a 2% override on any agent you refer to our program.

This opportunity is open to anybody within the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom. We provide you with a website, support, training and much, much more. All you need to do is spend as much time as you care to invest in your new business and offer the products and services to your friends, family, local businesses and anyone else who has a desire to save money each and every day. And best of all…you get paid.